[New] earrings & earrings lacrima (type: B) [Bordeaux]


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  • Made to point to the straight line] series [lacrima].
    It is a straight line of men seems impressive, but the delicate fineness of materials and round-cut natural stone is feminine, and I expressed the charm of tricky women.
    Natural stone that has been placed in the asymmetry is the stylish design.
    The material, only Gold filled who can put your people with allergies also with confidence (14kgf).
    Natural stone "garnet" with the color of this autumn fashion color [Bordeaux].
    It is said to give us the power to overcome the difficulties natural stone "black spinel".
    Green is pretty natural stone tinged gray "Moss Aquamarine".
    As power stone earrings, you can wear.
    Enjoy the delicacy and design.
    A nice season with lacrima.
    Please fill the [earrings hope] remarks Those who wish earrings ※.
    When Blank will be delivered pierced.
    [Color of the natural stone]
    Garnet = deep red
    Black spinel = black
    Moss aquamarine = light green
    ■ effect of garnet ■
    It is a stone that is said to be allowed bear the effort leads to success.
    They will give a strongly positive of the mental strength, it has been and may wear when you face big difficulties.
    It is even said to deepen ties and love with loved ones.
    ■ effect of black spinel ■
    Black spinel, which is said to give us the power to overcome the difficulties.
    Also, has been referred to as the talisman of stone from ancient times, it has been said to repel the negative power.
    ■ effect of Moss aquamarine ■
    When in doubt on the walls and darkness of life, to aquamarine, which is said to bring the light of new hope, and is said to combine the deep healing of force.
    Material Body: Garnet Moss Aqua Marine Black spinel Gold filled (14kgf)
    Pierce: Gold filled (14kgf)
    Earrings: gold-plated
    [Size] Length: about 3.2 centimeters
    ■ The person who has an allergy ■
    We use the I easy to use material (14kgf) for those who you have an allergy.
    ※ It is not that no de allergic reaction to everyone.
    Please acknowledge.
    [And Gold filled]
    With that a layer of gold was crimped to the material (brass) in the high heat and pressure, the weight of the layers of the gold case of more than 1/20 of the total weight, including the material, is called Gold filled (gold-covered) .
    A person of allergy also is will easy material to use.
    Because it is made with a much thicker layer than gold plating, rarely come bald even if used for a long time.
    Easily you can enjoy the brilliance of real gold.
    - Irunesso ACCESSORIES -
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[New] earrings &amp; earrings lacrima (type: B) [Bordeaux]

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