Carefully tote bag teeth


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  • This item will be the tote bag NYA design was designed ✩

    [Teeth even during the outing carefully] we've designed a theme!

    Toothpaste of character, the teeth of the character, is the character of tooth decay is a natural enemy of the Ha!

    [TO cherish the tooth] and it has become to mean that [cherish teeth] ✩

    Although it is a simple design, as a unique eco bag never seen so much, why it has become to have? ? (^ 0 ^)

    Thin material, etc., to keep folded in the bag, it is also possible for you to use as an eco-bag ✩

    Because all hand-printed, and have put a one by one different look, it is not fogged with the other, it has become a tote bag of one point ☆

    Since A4 size also enters, it is a good size and easy to use.

    The perfect gift ☆

    Material: Natural cotton bag / thin sheeting 100% cotton (will be the thin material)

    PRINT: silk screen

    Color: Natural × Black

    Body / W360 × H370 × D110 (mm)
    Gite / 250 × 470 (mm)

    ※ when looking for a thick material of this design, I am happy and enjoy the message.

    Sale price will be 2000 yen.

    Size: body / W360 × H370 × D110 (mm) Gite / 250 × 470 (mm)

    ** Notes at the time of the purchase **

    ※ There is a case that occurs is actually a slight difference in print color. Please note.

    ※ There is the case that caused an error of about 1~2cm than the mark size.

    ※ delivery method fixed form (outside) mail, letter pack, etc., or large items of size will be shipped by courier.

    ※ Please note that we do not receive the specified courier.

    Separately ※ If you purchased in cash, postage is cost.
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    新加坡US$ 8.88US$ 1.82
    马来西亚US$ 8.88US$ 1.82
    中国大陆US$ 8.88US$ 1.82
    泰国US$ 8.88US$ 1.82
    台湾US$ 8.88US$ 1.82
    德国US$ 11.18US$ 1.82
    香港US$ 8.88US$ 1.82
    南韩US$ 8.88US$ 1.82
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Carefully tote bag teeth

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