Where Beara Beara Bags Come From

Where Beara Beara Bags Come From

Beara Beara的誕生

Our six months in Latin America saw us meet some incredible people. These people are where our motivation comes from.We found hand-crafted items; extremely well made with quality materials. The only thing these people were lacking was a knowledge of style. I’m wrong in saying style because obviously they had their own style but the products, mostly I’m talking about leather bags, were made for tourists. They adapted traditional designs to suit the foreign traveller. The problem was though that our friends had very little knowledge of what the foreigner liked or disliked and had sadly invested deeply into the tackiest of tack. They were feeling their way around in the dark, making hundreds of bags, hoping that some at least would be liked.

So ‘Beara Beara’ was founded on the craftmanship and skill of a handful of astisans. How it was developed into a business was based on the realisation of the difficult lives these new friends of ours found themselves in. To us they deserved something more in life. To be rewarded for the skill and hard work and dedication. So we were in a position to share our knowledge and ideas and open up a much larger market. Several months of cutting shapes out of sheets of skins, saw us return to the UK with a collection of 11 never seen before bags.

他們擁有高超的手工藝技巧但欠缺的卻是對於市場的流行趨勢。對於我們來說,他們的辛勤的工作和無與倫比的手工藝技術,應得到相對的尊重及其發揚。我們提供他們設計概念,並結合他們的精巧技術,就此誕生了Beara Beara。

Several months on and we now have a range of 17 bags and a problem of trying to keep up with demand. Every one of our bags is a unique piece (no two bags are the same). The excellent quality and the originality of the designs seems to stand out to shoppers who look for unique items that are also affordable. People are genuinely surprised at the affordability of our somewhat exclusive bags which, price wise, are in line with the mass produced factory bags on the high street. We are determined to keep our business low scale production. Although, our biggest problem of keeping up with demand, is good for our suppliers. The more work they receive
the more people they can afford to employ. The lack of employment in Bolivia is a huge problem and any little difference we can make backs up the reasons for starting the business in the first place. It improves our friends standards of living and gives employment to a handful of otherwise destitute people.


Although the majority of our customers are delighted by the value for money of our products, we do sympathise with those who cannot afford our more expensive bags. We regret that we cannot drop the prices as if we were to charge the consumer less then we would have to pay our suppliers less, which would then create a situation which the business was setup to prevent – slave labour. We pay our suppliers well and although we are not fair trade registered we adhere to our own morals and philosophies about good work practices, comfortable in the fact that by buying one of our products, you are certainly improving another human beings quality of life.

儘管大部分的消費者認為包包的定價合理且可以負擔;但還是有少數其他消費者希望能夠降低定價。由於降低定價將會連帶影響供應商,若是減少供應商的成本,也就是支付給他們較少的工資,可能會引發非常嚴重的奴隸勞工的問題,這正是我們最不希望得到的結果。此外,Beara Beara選擇不加入公平貿易組織,是由於品牌的理念及初衷正是幫助第三世界國家的居民,使他們生活得以改善,並認為不需要經由公平貿易組織這層認可,因為我們的品牌一直在做著正是如此,並推廣給消費者-購買一個Beara Beara的商品,也就是幫助了一位需要幫助的玻利維亞居民。

We do not hail from the glamorous world of design studios and fashion shows but from the warmth of ordinary people’s living rooms and work shops. We are delighted we can compete with the in-trends and must-haves. It just shows that not all people are void of independant thought and taste, and most importantly do still have a conscience.



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