Soft decoration of antique lace, tear cloth and faux fur Scrunchie lam-31

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Various ribbons and antique lace, A fluffy scrunchie finished with a tear cloth.


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Soft decoration of antique lace, tear cloth and faux fur Scrunchie lam-31

商品介绍 Same type and different colors ↓ *************** [This is made to order. Please understand that you should wait at least 3 days] Various ribbons and antique lace, A fluffy scrunchie finished with a tear cloth. A fluffy volume like a flower Collage is made in two layers with cotton gauze fabric and faux fur. The antique lace is made in France Tulle lace and rare Valencienne lace I mainly use it. The vintage button is gold made in England Brown is made in France. From the perspective of animal protection The fur uses fake fur. This is from the beginning of the brand launch in 2010 This is one of the concepts we are particular about. Very warm even in fake There are many cute fabrics now. When you tie it to your hair, it looks like a flower has bloomed It will be a cute shape. It's cute whether you tie it to your hair or put it on your arm It is a scrunchie that is voluminous. ★ This has good growth, so you can use it even if you double it when using it for hair ★ * Since the height is 4 to 5 cm, we will ship it in a box so that it will not be crushed. Immediately after it arrives, the volume on the lower side will surely decrease. In that case, spray water with a little mist and hold the crushed one tightly with your hand. The volume is easy to fix, so please try it if you are interested. Size: Approximately 15 to 16 cm inside diameter (without stretching the rubber) Outer diameter about 10-11 cm Length of hanging ribbon: Approximately 18 cm +++ Before purchase +++ Because some synthetic fibers are used for the material If you are allergic to synthetic fibers, please refrain from purchasing. The dough is intentionally torn vertically to create a shabby atmosphere. Thread is coming out from the edge of the fabric, but this is not a defect Please note that it is a design before ordering. Since it is handmade, there is some distortion. There are some individual differences in size and silhouette. Also, the parts used are vintage, antique, etc. The old one is used. These parts have more chips, stains, rust, etc. due to deterioration over time. It may be seen. For handmade and antique parts use We are looking forward to your order. * Please check the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing. * The colors on the screen may look different from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us. From a hygienic point of view, if you wear it even once, it cannot be returned or exchanged. Discounted items cannot be returned or exchanged. If you return the product with a different image, you will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee. For items shipped with free shipping, you will be responsible for the shipping cost for returns. Customers who wish to return many times even if they are repeaters We may refuse subsequent orders. Please understand in advance.


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