T-shirt embroidery message Airi Kato Tina × mimi toujours All 2 colors

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T-shirt embroidery message Airi Kato Tina × mimi toujours All 2 colors


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T-shirt embroidery message Airi Kato Tina × mimi toujours All 2 colors


T-shirt embroidery message The second tina original T-shirt A luxurious T-shirt with lame embroidery on the front and back. The message is embroidered on the back style It is a unique design with a difference from the surroundings. Translation: Message embroidery On n'a qu'une vie. Life is only once “Le monde appartient a ceux qui se levent tot. The world belongs to people who get up early (In Japan, getting up early is a virtue of Sanbun) Dans la vie on ne regrette que ce qu'on n'a pas fait. In life, people do not regret anything other than "doing nothing" Si une femme est mal habillee, on remarque sa robe mais si elle est impeccablement vetue, c'est elle que l'on remarque. Only garments are noticeable in vulgar clothes, and elegant clothes make people stand out. C'est la vie. That is life. @ point ・As the embroidery uses lame embroidery of the same color as the fabric, Produce a presence that is not too conspicuous ・A little rough silhouette makes you look delicate ・Uses TC material that is firm and comfortable to wear ・It is recommended that you roll up the cuffs to wear a moderately long sleeve length. ・Uses a basic color that is easy to match with any item size M size Length: 56cm / Bust: 92cm / Shoulder width: 35cm / Sleeve length: 22cm Armhole: 22cm / Sleeve width: 17.5cm / Cuff width: 15.5cm / Hem circumference: 94cm model size 164 cm material 70% cotton 30% polyester ●Thickness/Medium meat ●Translucency/White: Somewhat, Greige:No ●Stretchability/Yes ●Lining/No Made in Korea [Notes on handling] <Precautions for color transfer and color fading> Please note that the color of this product may transfer to other clothing or underwear when it gets wet with friction (especially when it is wet) or sweat or rain. In addition, we recommend that you wash it separately from other items as it may be transferred during washing. <Notes for washing> ・Do not wash dark colors with other items when washing. ・Do not stack with other laundry when wet. ・Please avoid using bleach and detergent containing bleach. ● When wet with rain or sweat, it may stain the surface of other clothes (especially white goods), so please be careful with color products. ●Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, pilling may occur due to repeated rubbing, cleaning and wearing. ● The odor of dyes and processing may be attached to the product. If you are worried about the smell, we would appreciate it if you can dry it in a well-ventilated and shaded place. ●Please put the iron on the back and apply it at a low temperature. ● Avoid ironing the embroidery area. ● Avoid detergent containing optical brightener. ● The embroidery area is likely to be caught or twitched, so be careful when you wear it or clean it, or catch it on any protrusions such as accessories or bags.


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