Last piece / Linen 100percent Soft sleeve apron One piece dress mocha

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Made from soft linen that has been thoroughly washed An apron dress with side slits.


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Last piece / Linen 100percent Soft sleeve apron One piece dress mocha

商品介绍 Wearing 156cm 38 size ↓ Click here for other colors beige black charcoal * The white skirt is a coordinated item. Not included in the product. The product is only the mocha-colored one-piece dress worn at the top * Made from soft linen that has been thoroughly washed It is an apron one-piece dress with side slits. Since only the skirt part has a slit A glimpse of the bottom and dress that you wear inside when viewed from the side You can see it. This one has a drop shoulder style switch on the sleeve Actually it has raglan sleeves The line from the shoulder to the upper arm does not bulge You can wear it neatly. The cuffs are rubber shirred so you can wear it comfortably. You can also make three-quarter sleeves by raising the sleeves a little. The product is softly washed. Also, in order to prevent the surface from becoming shiny, we dare to iron press at the factory. Since it was delivered without it, natural wrinkles remain on the whole. Hang it on a hanger before wearing it, and spray it with water to dry it. Wrinkles can be easily removed, so please try it. SIZE: 36 [sold out] Length: 105cm Width: 48cm Sleeve width: 20cm Sleeve length: 78cm Cuff rubber width: 11cm (22cm around) SIZE: 38 Length: 110cm Width: 53cm Sleeve width: 21cm Sleeve length: 80cm Cuff rubber width: 12cm (24cm around) SIZE: 40 [sold out] Length: 115cm Width: 58cm Sleeve width: 22cm Sleeve length: 82cm Cuff rubber width: 13cm (26cm around) * There is a slight error in the size of each sheet. * made in China QUALITY: Body / 100% hemp Compare your clothes with the listed size Please check the size carefully in advance. This item is Height 156 cm Weight 45 kg Bust 85 cm model All wear 38 sizes. 38 size was too big for this model 36size is recommended for people with similar size. We cannot accept any returns due to differences in image from the image. Also, because it is a natural material, there may be neps or weaving scratches on the surface. Please order after understanding as a feature peculiar to natural materials. The actual color of the product is the closest to the enlarged fabric image, There may be some errors depending on the operating environment and model of the PC. Please note. Since you cannot tell your body shape from your height and weight alone, your advice may be blurred. When making inquiries, we would appreciate it if you could let us know by measuring the tape measure. (Example: Height 160 cm, bust 82 cm, hips 80 cm, etc. I think that you can give accurate advice if you express it in cm. ) From a hygienic point of view, if you wear it even once, it cannot be returned or exchanged. Discounted items cannot be returned or exchanged. If you return the product with a different image, you will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee even during the free shipping service. For items shipped with free shipping, you will be responsible for the shipping cost for returns. Customers who wish to return many times even if they are repeaters We may refuse subsequent orders. Please understand in advance.


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